will Jeep rims fit ford?

Will Jeep Rims Fit a Ford? Everything you need to know.

For a while, there has been a debate making headlines whether Jeep rim fit in a Ford vehicle. If you are an automotive enthusiast and you own a Jeep and a Ford, this is one thing you need to know. Severally many car owners who have a Jeep or A Ford always ask us this question whether their rims are similar. As of now, I cannot answer that, but as you read the article, you will know which types of Jeep or Ford rim models fit in each other.

Therefore, if you have been such a question, be sure to fully understand all about this question in depth with no information left out. However, before you know if Jeep rims fit a Ford, you need to identify factors you need to consider first.

Factors to Consider If you want to Fit Jeep Rim To a Ford.

Like other things, you need to look at what factors that will ensure a Jeep rim fits a Ford?

  1. Bolt Pattern
    • Your car’s bolt pattern is essential when it comes to whether the rim of a different vehicle will fit your vehicle. So, first, before you go interchanging the rims ensure that the bolt pattern of the hub is similar. That being the case, you can change the rims without any problem.
  2.  Wheel Dimension
    • By use of a tape measure, you need to measure the dimension of your wheel. When I say the wheel dimension, you need to measure the wheel’s width and diameter. Once you measure your car’s wheel dimension, you can now know if rim interchange can take place swiftly.
  3. Wheel’s Offset
    • The region or area where your wheel sit is known as the offset. It is the distance from the hub mounting flange to the wheel’s centerline. It is measured in millimeters. When the wheel’s offset is has a minus, it means the wheel has a negative offset while without the minus sign it means that the wheel’s offset is positive.
  4.  Car Type
    • Out of all the factors, this is the most important. You cannot fit a rim of a four-wheel drive on a rear-wheel-drive vehicle that won’t work well. Even though it might fit, but it will bring future problems.
  5. Center Bore
    • For a rim to conform to different models (Jeep and Ford), the center bore of the wheels should be similar. If they are not identical, the rims will not fit. Therefore, before installing another car’s rim ensure the center bore corresponds to each other. It is measured in millimeters.

Thus, when you are going to change the rim of your car with another car model, you need to check whether the above things are similar. That is the same when it comes to Jeep rim in Ford.

Jeep Models with Similar Bolt Pattern to Ford Models

Will Jeep Rims Fit a Ford?

First, you will know the various Jeep and Ford models that have similar bolt patters. As said before the bolt pattern is much essential when it comes to interchanging car rims. So, the following are Jeep and Ford models that have a similar bolt pattern.

Jeep ModelsFord Models
Prospector 08Explorer 90-on
Liberty 02-onMustang 64-78 94-on
Patriot 07-onProbe 88-97
Wrangler 80-onRanchero 65-84
Grand Cherokee 93-98T-Bird 65-72 79-96
Compass 07-onAerostar 85-97
Cherokee 80-onGalaxie 57-72 79-96
Commanche 80-93Bronco II 82-90
Chief 80-93Escape 01-on
 LTD 79-96
 Maverick 64-73
 Ranger 81-on
 Crown Victoria 91-on
 Custom 57-72 79-96

The above are some of the Jeep and Ford car models that have similar bolt pattern. Their bolt pattern is 5×114.3 (5×4.5). So, if you have any of the above models, you can easily change your rims without any problems.

So, when looking for a Jeep rim that will fit your Ford, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

However, before Interchange Jeep and Ford Rims, you need to consider the following things.

  1. Lightweight
    • When you are interchanging rims, you need to consider the weight of the rims. That will enable you to have a smooth ride using the new interchanged rims. You will feel that they are like the rims you removed.
  2. Rim Size
    • The manufacturer is always indicating the rim size that you need to use. When interchanging them, you need to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is not wise to interchange a 16inch rim with an 18inch rim. Most manufacturers recommend that if you need to interchange your rims, they should not surpass 2inches.
  3. Tire Price
    • When interchanging your rims, you may require to purchase new tires. It is not apparent in most instances. Therefore, before changing your rims, consider the price of tires you are going to buy.
  4. Clearance
    • Your wheels arcs clearance is what you need to consider before interchanging your car’s rims. With the required wheel arc clearance, your wheel will turn full lock and go over the bump smoothly.
  5. Width
    • The width of the rims you need to interchange is critical. You must ensure that they have the same width. In this case, there are some Jeep and Ford cars that have a similar rim width. So, if you mistake and fit a larger rim, your vehicle will have a weird look.
  6. Furthermore, ensure that the rim fits well within the wheel arches.

What to choose between Steel wheel and Alloy wheel for your Jeep?

There are two main wheels makes that you can use on your Jeep or Ford.
They include Steel Wheel and Alloy Wheel.

They both have their advantages and disadvantages. In this piece, I will inform you about the pros and cons of alloy wheels.

Pros of Alloy Wheel

  1. Good Look
    • For your car to have a good look, you need to use an alloy wheel. That doesn’t mean that steel wheels don’t have a good look, but alloy wheels are exceptional.
  2. Dissipation of Heat
    • Heat is one factor that may affect your wheels significantly and lead to a reduction of speed and braking performance. Steel wheels don’t dissipate heat accordingly, but for alloy wheels, they have excellent heat dissipation making them good in how your car brakes.

Con of Alloy Wheel

  1. Not Robust
    • Alloy wheels are not so durable as steel wheels. If a large amount of force is exerted on an alloy wheel, it will either bend or crack.


Therefore, if you want to know which Jeep rims will fit a Ford, you need to have the above information. Thank you for reading. Have a good day!