How to start jeep renegade?

How to remote start Jeep Renegade?

You can get your Jeep Renegade pre-equipped with REMOTE STARTING SYSTEM. In this guide, I will guide you on how to remote start Jeep Renegade. It’s a great option you can get so that you can pre-condition your Jeep before you step in to.

This system uses the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter to start the engine conveniently from outside the vehicle while still maintaining security. The system has a range of 246 ft (75 m).

The Remote Starting System also activates the Climate Control and (if equipped), the optional heated seats and optional heated steering wheel depending on temperatures outside and inside the car.

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How to remote start your Jeep?

To Enter Remote Start Mode

  1. Push and release the REMOTE START button on the RKHow E transmitter twice within five seconds.
  2. The vehicle doors will lock, the turn signals will flash, and the horn will chirp twice.
  3. Then, the engine will start, and the vehicle will remain in the Remote Start mode for a 15-minute cycle.

If an engine fault is present, or fuel level is low, the vehicle will start and then shut down in 10 seconds. The park lamps will turn on and remain on during Remote Start mode. Also For security, the power window operation is disabled when the vehicle is in the Remote Start mode.

To Exit Remote Start Mode Without Driving Vehicle

Push and release the REMOTE START button one time or allow the engine to run for the entire 15-minute cycle.

To Exit Remote Start Mode And Drive The Vehicle

Before the end of the 15-minute cycle, push and release the UNLOCK button on the RKE transmitter to unlock the doors and disarm the Vehicle Security Alarm (if equipped).

Then, prior to the end of the 15-minute cycle, for vehicles equipped with the Keyless Enter-N-Go feature push and release the START/STOP button; for vehicles not equipped with Keyless Enter-N-Go feature put the key in the RUN position.

For vehicles equipped with the Keyless EnterN-Go feature, the message “Remote Start Active — Push Start Button” will display in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) or the Driver Information Display (DID) until you push the START button.

For vehicles not equipped with the Keyless Enter-N-Go feature, the message “Remote Start Active — Key to RUN” will display in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) until you put the key in the RUN position.

Why my Jeep does not start with the remote?

Some times, your jeep won’t start with the remort, probably due to one of the reasons stated below. Therefore check whether everything is OK!.

  • The vehicle must be equipped with an automatic transmission to be equipped with Remote Start.
  • Obstructions between the vehicle and RKE transmitter may reduce this range.
  • You have to be within 246ft from the Jeep.
  • Shift Lever in PARK.
  • The doors should be closed.
  • Hood should be closed.
  • Liftgate should be closed.
  • Hazard switch off.
  • Brake switch inactive (brake pedal is not pushed).
  • Battery at an acceptable charge level for the startup.
  • RKE PANIC button not pushed.
  • The system is not disabled from the previous remote start event.
  • Vehicle alarm system indicator flashing.
  • Ignition in STOP/OFFposition.
  • The fuel level meets the minimum requirement.

The following messages will display in the instrument cluster if the vehicle fails to remote start or exits remote start prematurely:

  • Remote Start Cancelled — Door Open
  • Remote Start Cancelled — Hood Open
  • Remote Start Cancelled — Fuel Low
  • Remote Start Cancelled — Liftgate Open
  • Remote Start Disabled — Start Vehicle To Reset
  • Remote Start Cancelled — Too Cold
  • Remote Start Cancelled — Time Expired The message will stay active until the ignition is placed in the MAR/RUN position.

Remote Start the Comfort Systems in your Jeep.

If Equipped When Remote Start is activated, the heated steering wheel and driver heated seat features will automatically turn on in cold weather. These features will stay on through the duration of Remote Start or until the ignition switch is cycled to the MAR/RUN position.

NOTE: The Remote Start Comfort System can be activated and deactivated through the Uconnect Settings.

If your Jeep equipped with Remote Start Windshield Wiper De-Icer Activation, When Remote Start is active, and the outside ambient temperature is less than 40° F (4.4° C), the Windshield Wiper De-Icer will be enabled.